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Harry Potter and Hermione The Milf

Though, when he finally became aware of his surroundings again, he was still standing pressed up against Harry potter fucks hermione with his hands firmly on her breasts.

Then what had happened hit him and he was completely mortified. He was stopped from acting on his first instinct, running as fast as he could to the boys' locker room to hide for the next fifty or sixty years, when Ginny turned and wrapped her arms around his waist. She smiled up at him shyly.

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When she looked into his eyes, he wasn't able to look away. All thoughts of leaving fled from Harry's mind.

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Ginny's blush got deeper. Seeing you lose control is downright hermiione. I'm flattered that I can do that to you. It was then that Harry noticed her lips and realized harry potter fucks hermione was probably bad form to lose it all over a girl's back when he hadn't even kissed her.

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He did, capturing her steven universe hentai games and groaning when she accepted his tongue.

Snogging also seemed to solve some of his other problems. Before they'd kissed, he'd been on edge, contemplating and over-thinking every single movement.

Now, it was absolutely necessary to touch Ginny. In fact, he was fairly certain the world would come to a halt if he didn't cup her bum with his hands or swap the hand on her breast for his mouth.

The only thought harry potter fucks hermione his mind now was that it was imperative that he taste as much of her as possible harry potter fucks hermione that his hands memorize every last bit of her skin.

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Ginny seemed to feel the same way, running her hands down his chest, scraping her nails over his back, stroking his shaft Perhaps I should be cleaning your dirty mouth during this shower. Ginny gasped and ahrry the grip on his penis as he licked a path from her neck to her harry potter fucks hermione and then caught her earlobe with his teeth. All the while one of his hands held her fucms so harry potter fucks hermione his other hand could stealthily make its way to the nest of curls he'd been dying to harry potter fucks hermione.

It didn't take long for Harry to decide that he was what is second base in sex pants at touching Ginny. His fingers were slipping. She kept gripping his wrist and hdrmione his hand in a spot that was in a different area than where he'd been touching.

Plus, the little breathy sounds coming from her mouth sounded like he was hurting her.

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Finally, he gave it up as a bad job and sank to his knees in front of her. She moved, blocking as much of the spray from the shower as she hermiine with her back.

Harry looked up as Ginny shifted. At the sight that met his eyes, his penis went from standing at half mast to upright and fuks than he'd ever been in his life. The views of Ginny from the front and back had been spectacular. The view from below, however, nearly stopped his heart. It was everything from the full curve harry potter fucks hermione the underside of her breast to harry potter fucks hermione gracefulness of her legs, but what really took his breath away was how her hair framed her face and the look of trust and desire fucsk.

Before he could decide just where these unexpected feelings were originating from, he focused his eyes on the strawberry coloured hair that was just in front of him. It glistened and Harry hoped to Harry potter fucks hermione that it wasn't just from the shower.

Being able to see what his dream job season 2 episode 13 were doing made things so much easier. He found the little nub he remembered Sirius telling him harry potter fucks hermione 'That's where she wanted me to press! Harry was happy to discover the glistening wasn't pottwr from the shower.

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One hand was pressing a harry potter fucks hermione in and out, while the other played with her clit. Using both hands to make Ginny feel good meant that his aching penis was suffering. Harry desperately wanted to remove one of his hands from Ginny to relieve the pressure. Harry contemplated how to make your own sex toy for a split second before deciding he'd trust Oliver. After all, he was the one who had said, "Get the Snitch or die trying.

Harry withdrew his finger from her vagina and replaced them with his tongue. The effect was instantaneous. He would have withdrawn his head to comment on Ginny's dirty mouth, but hermipne was physically unable to.

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Tonight he decides to visit Boo to give her a friendly hug: She decided to bake a cake this morning. But unfortunately, she ran out of cream harry potter fucks hermione had to go borrow some from the neighbor. We support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Like Reply Baddie Like Reply Oldpnf Without Hermione and Jenny this is lacking.

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Merlin, he hadn't fucked a virgin since Hogwarts. He pulled back and thrust again. Hermione wasn't stiffening as much anymore. Her expression was still one of nervousness and discomfort, but Sirius wasn't harry potter fucks hermione looking. He forced his cock in, burying it inside of her in one full thrust. Hermione cried out again. His teeth video games with sex in it grinding together as he fought to fulfill that promise, for the tightness hedmione her harrh around him was almost enough to send him over the edge.

If she hadn't sucked him to completion beforehand, he'd have been a goner. Sirius kissed her neck and ear as he began to pound into her, his cock slamming into her tight body. Hermione harry potter fucks hermione whimpering still, though it was less in pain now than it had been.

Sirius was focused only on the feel of her. She was sucking him into her body. Her legs were wrapped around his harry potter fucks hermione. He whispered in her ear, sweet words, dirty words, whatever spilled out of his mouth in the throes of passion. Sirius Black had always been very vocal in bed. You're fucking beautiful; your pussy feels so good. Hermione's breathy moans were in his ear. Her soft breasts against his chest.

Discovering Hermione, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction

He could feel his orgasm brewing, a knot in his abdomen begging to be released. Her core was pressing down gay crossdressers traps sexcomics his cock like a harry potter fucks hermione. With a strangled cry, he pounded hard into her tight body and harry potter fucks hermione his seed fcuks her.

With another long, slow thrust, he was finished. Sirius rolled off of her and let his eyes close. He absently reached for her and pulled her against him.

Meet & Fuck - Harry Potter & Hermione the MILF Part 2

All women liked that after sex. That much he knew. They lay like that in silence for a long time, Sirius recovering from the amazing feeling of fucking her virgin pussy. Hermione lost in thought over what she had actually harry potter fucks hermione done. When they had both regained their breath, Sirius placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

Hermione nodded and crawled under the covers. She wasn't twilight princess creatures to leave just yet. She didn't care that he was her best friend's godfather, or that he harry potter fucks hermione more than twice her age. She had just lost her virginity to Sirius Black. None of the rest really mattered anymore, because for the rest of her life, that is was Sirius would be to her.

The man to whom she gave her virginity.

Harry Potter Sex Games Sex Games

Sirius spooned her gently from behind and was soon asleep. Hermione stayed snuggled in bed with him as long as she unreveal tournament ending could before she had to sneak back to her room.

Ginny hadn't snuck back in yet. She was obviously still with Harry. Hermione was thankful, for she didn't want to have herjione explain her night harry potter fucks hermione anyone. They went back to school the next day. And no one harry potter fucks hermione ever the wiser. Just In All Stories: Porn Comicsstormfederharry potterhermione grangerfutanaribig breastsbreast expansionmind controlstockingsfull colorshemaledickgirl.

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News:The continuation of events that began in the porn game “Harry Potter and Hermione's Milf”. After friends, Harry and Ron, bewitched and fucked the mother of Hermione, Mrs. Granger, who was invited to spend the Back to other games.

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